About us

Our Story

In 2019, beauty entrepreneur, Mike Tran, created Laruce with the intention of bringing the feeling of enjoyment, excitement, and passion to the clean beauty space, and our consumers beauty routines while elevating and innovating the design and feel of Cruelty-free brushes.


The brand has developed from filling the void in the cruelty free/clean beauty space by introducing luxurious, sustainable materials, and textures. Since then, Laruce has evolved to encompass unapologetic self-expression through makeup, fashion, and art.


As we look ahead, we are excited to collaborate and create compelling collections, that are exclusive one of a kind items that inspire individuality by embodying power, strength, excitement and passion.


Become a brand that invites people to indulge in the LARUCE lifestyle, while we work towards more sustainable ways to produce and contribute to the beauty space.

We encourage you to dive into our world and create with poise and boldness.


Our story started with a brush and continues with you.


Vegan. Cruelty-Free. Hypoallergenic. Synthetic.

Not only do our brushes help create a flawless look but they are easier to clean versus the leading makeup tools that are made with animal hair. Created with synthetic fibers, our brushes repel dirt and bacteria that can accumulate over time and can harm your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin.