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About Us

Our Story

We are a band of misfits who have designed and created a clean luxury brand. With our vegan and cruelty free products, we want you to experience the Lifestyle that is LARUCE: the feeling of enjoyment, excitement, and passion!

Our founder Mike created the LARUCE monogram for his wife and daughters, to signify Strength, Power, and Courage. Although our monogram was created for his wife and daughters, our wish is for it to be a shield to ALL who want to live authentically in the LARUCE lifestyle.

LARUCE stands for



Racial background through


Compassion, and


We create diversity and inclusivity in any culture we touch. Our revolutionary vision empowers you to find your Strength, encourages your Power, and promotes Mindset to disarm instead of intimidate both inside and out. We want to Inspire you to be the ultimate version of yourself, to set your own standards, and to challenge evolution through your individualized beauty.

Do you want to elevate yourself? Do you want to be a visionary? Our goal is to connect with you by changing your perspective to where it can potentially help pave the road you are envisioning. Go ahead... take a leap with us and we will be your shield of confidence.