January 2021
New Year, New Feels

Let’s get skintimate for a second. 2020 was like excess emotional baggage. Like, what was even going on? Was that even.. real? Letting the past be in the past, how about we try to start the new year with a fresh outlook and make it 2021derful! Here at Laruce, we’re forecasting that 2021 is your year and we’ll be here along the way to help you make it as beautiful as you! Let’s start with getting real with ourselves and our routines. When it comes to our daily habits in skin care and makeup, we don’t always need that full on, snatched look. You know, the extra glam, the works. Sometimes, we just want a little somethin’ somethin’ to give us that tiny umph that gets us through our day. Instead of the dozens of products we’d normally use everyday, we can make small, simple changes in order to make the rest of January absolutely skinimal!


That’s right. We’re talking about minimalism in our skin care and makeup routines, using just those absolutely necessary products and tools to achieve a new feeling of ‘less is more’ - embracing your natural beauty with that barely there feel and truly loving your look. Skinimalism, ftw!


We can even take skinimalism beyond your face and into your space! Aside from freshening up your routine, minimalize the junk around your creative temples. Declutter your vanity by tossing out old, expired makeup. Most products will have an expiration date on them. If there’s no visible date, you can always do the smell test! When in doubt, throw it out. Then, we gotta take care of our beauty tools. Check out our video on treating your makeup brushes to their very own spa day! [insert video]


FYI - For Your Inspiration

Let’s not just start the new year, let’s own it. We can do this by creating and practicing daily healthy habits, like eating well and appreciating the little things. By doing so, we allow ourselves to take care of what we care about. We allow ourselves to thrive in our love for the things we have and the things we love. When we feel like nothing can take our happiness away, that’s the feeling, y’all. That’s Laruce. When you start applying this skinimalistic attitude, you’ll really see all the beauty around you and within you. Don’t forget to tag us in your new glow-up routines so we can see how you’re #livinglavidaLaruce!

February 2021
Embrace: A Love Language

When we think about the word embrace, the first thing that comes to mind is a nice big hug. Let’s dive a little deeper, though. Embrace isn’t just about the physical act of hugging; it can be so much more. It can be spiritual, it can be mental, it can be emotional, and it can definitely be personal. There are so many ways to genuinely embrace all the aspects of our lives, if we give ourselves the time and space to do them. Here’s what we’re embracing this month at Laruce.


embracing beauty

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and we’ve got you covered with our favorite looks! It’s all here: a tutorial on slaying that red lip look, a video on our favorite sultry eye look, and a video using our Ann Set for the perfect all-over look! [insert videos] Have fun and get creative! Remember to tag us in those looks and #Laruceyourwildside!


embracing collaboration

We’re so excited to announce that we’ve partnered up with @lafleurboquets to offer a special collaboration with their Lifetime flowers! Makeup brushes and flowers together.. Can you say perfect Galentine’s Day gift ever?! When your squad unboxes THE most luxurious Galentine’s Day gift ever - you will go down in Galentine’s history as a legend. [insert picture]


embracing culture

To honor the Lunar New Year with 2021’s Year of the Ox, we’ve curated a special set of red and gold brushes! It is noted that people born in the Year of the Ox are strong, reliable, fair, conscientious, and love to inspire confidence in others. Steadfast and loyal, the Ox is a faithful creature. Rock-solid family oriented and a lifelong friend, they are willing to shoulder any burden, plodding dutifully along with strength and determination. To sum up: beast mode, bby!


FYI - For Your Inspiration

Whether you observe and celebrate any February holidays or not, take some time this month to celebrate yourself. Take a good look in the mirror at that breathtakingly beautiful person that you see. There is absolutely no one else like you. You are unique. You are incredibly special. You are fierce. You are powerful.You are worthy. You are needed. Go on, embraceyourself because you truly deserve it!

Mother's Day - Blog

Every year, right around this time, a certain tune seems to pop up in my head. Notoriously known for his prolific poetry-produced rap music, Tupac Shakur captures the exact feelings that course my mind when it comes to thinking about my Mom and this special holiday celebrating moms all over the country.


There’s no way I can pay you back, but the plan is to show you that I understand. You are appreciated.” - Dear Mama, 1995


Though this song and holiday refer to a specific familial label, we at Laruce fully grasp the idea of chosen family and all mother-like figures. Not everyone may know who their birth mother is or was and not everyone has grown up with their birth mother all their life. However, there is and/or was someone in your life who you do see as a mom. Someone who has, at some point, offered you some spiritual advice about getting older. Someone who has, at some point, yelled at you for doing something seemingly stupid. Someone who has, at some point, stood up for you and had your back for whatever reason. Someone who has, at some point, loved you and nurtured you in a way that made you feel safe and seen.


One of the reasons these national holidays, like Mother’s Day, become so popular is because there’s a dedicated day to show someone a little extra appreciation. It’s a reminder to share your thoughts and feelings with someone near and dear to you. If your mom is anything like mine, then she’s not really into getting flowers and cards. (She prefers wine anyway.) How I do choose to celebrate my mom during this holiday is to barge into her room, lay down on her bed while she’s watching her Forensic Files show, and shoot the shit with her. Then, we call my sister and wish her a Happy Mother’s Day before we all just shoot the shit together. To me, this is a gift my mom can always remember. All of us, connected with a bond so tight, sharing the love we have for one another. It’s perfect.


Then again, if your mom does like getting gifts and sweet store-bought confections, consider getting her some makeup brush sets from And if your mom’s name so happens to be either Lupe, Megan, Sam, or Kimberly, then you’re in luck! We have those four exclusive sets for sale at Nordstrom - so you can give her that extra magical customized touch!


So, I know it tends to seem corny to celebrate this holiday when moms sHoULd bE cELeBrAtEd aLL tHe tiMe, but seriously, go tell your mom and your special mother-like loved ones how much you love them and show it.


Happy Mother’s Day to all of the amazing moms from the Laruce Beauty team - we know we would not be here if we did not have your unwavering support and unconditional love to keep us strong every single day. You are appreciated.