• Elegance meets durability. Vegan, cruelty-free brushes built to last

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100% Cruelty Free And Vegan Friendly

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  • The only brush set you will ever need

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Explore laruce brush sets

The only brush set you will ever need

Ipsy Customer Review

These are amazing brushes! Blended my makeup nicely. Picks up a lot of pigments brushes are so soft and the handles are a perfect size to hold.


Ipsy customer review

These brushes are amazing, they are everything that I need. I had put off getting new ones for a while and I am so happy I did. I love love love this brush set. And the packaging is so cute!


About LARUCE Brushes

We at LaRuce Beauty believe everyone should have the right tools to create their own unique, authentic style, which is why we’ve created our own vegan, hypoallergenic line of professional quality makeup brushes! At LaRuce we understand the importance of using vegan friendly ingredients to help reduce our environmental impact. Express your artistry as only you can, using our 100% cruelty free products.

  • Precision only a LARUCE product can provide.

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Explore LARUCE eye brushes

Precision only a LARUCE product can provide.

Customer Testimonial

Looove this the packaging was so cool n cute these are a bit heavy but i love them the only reason i gave a 4 star is bc it has bigger brushes in them which i don't really need but i will def use one of them for my highlighters bc i have so many different shades lol but i def highky recommend brand and product.


Ipsy Customer Review



Ipsy Customer Review

These brushes are simply luxurious. They feel as soft as a feather but have great depth to apply makeup evenly. I definitely recommend these to anyone that is looking for a great brush set. 💜


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  • Beautifully strong and built to last

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