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Small Angle LR138

Want to create the perfect winged liner look? Are your #instagrambrows brows on point? The Small Angle (LR138) is here for all your precision application needs.


Best Used For:

  • Brows
  • Undereyes
  • Cream products
  • Powder products 
  • Eyeliner & detail work


All Laruce Products are:

Vegan · Cruelty-Free · Hypoallergenic · Synthetic  


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Over priced

I have about four sets of Laruce Brushes. I love the All my foundation brushes the most. But this one is a second best. I love this for brows and eyeliner. I feel the brushes are all over priced. Since I have been a collector of Sigma for years. And never had to replace not even one. Of the 50 plus brushes I have of Sigma. One set of my laruce actually the first set. Something in my makeup bag got on them. Still to this day don’t know what it was. But the material around the brushes handle started to come off. Could have been spilt perfume. But when I found them they were dry and fussed together. Took a lot of force to pry them apart. I also had sigma in the same bag. And they were unharmed except the lettering was gone. Don’t know what the material is on the Laruce handles. But it’s not the best thing for possible spills that have chemicals of some sort. Again I think it was perfume. And some perfume has Alcohol in them. So if not for that. I would give the Laruce brush’s a higher value. But $30 for one brush. I think I’ll stick with Sigma Especially since they have so many great sales. Several times a year.